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At SlikWorld we have a huge selection of sweets from all over the world! Are you looking for weekend candy, or do you just need to fill up your cupboard? Then is just for you!

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Keep yourself cooled with our large selection of beverages from USA!


The original Takis from Mexico. More variants!

Pick & Mix candy

When you really want to have a good time, Pick & Mix candy is a sure winner. That's why we have a huge selection of all the best Pick & Mix candy, at crazy good prices!

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What our customers say


Best online candy webshop I have shopped at, they have just the products I want when I make a purchase with them, the delivery is also top notch, I can really recommend them


Have used slikworld and it is absolutely a fantastic experience very professional staff right from the purchase conversation with customer service to receiving the candy and especially the best to enjoy it 😉 🙂 can only highly recommend this company and many good discounts and competitions and load of lovely candy ... 🍀🍀🙂🙂🙏🙏

Martin Koch

I have ordered twice and have been more than satisfied as the candy has always been super fresh. Last time they didn't have all the candy in stock in my mixed order, so as a consolation they gave me a lot more candy in the bag. Fantastic! 👌🏼


I love this place.
They have everything your heart desires and then some. With fantastic service, and lightning fast delivery, you can confidently shop for whatever you need, just listen to your sweet tooth and go for it. It's definitely not the last time I shop here. Thank you so much Slikworld.

Tonny Christensen

Ordered a package of American goodies home for my dad - super fast delivery, easy to order and track. Would give 10 stars if I could

Freja Rosenberg Larsen

SlikWorld is the place to shop for candy online!

SlikWorld has for a handful of years had a candy store in Herning, where we have offered candy from all over the world to the many hungry candy eaters. Due to the great demand for our candy, we have chosen to move to new and larger premises in Ikast and at the same time chosen to close down the physical store and focus 100% on our webshop. But don't worry, you can still order online and pick up your order at our warehouse. With us you will only find the best brands, the most fun candy and the cheapest prices.

Fill up your candy drawer with sweets from SlikWorld

Do you love sweets? So is the highlight of your week always a great weekend treat? Have you also always dreamed of having a kitchen drawer full of self-mixed candy? Then you've come to the right place. At SlikWorld we fulfill all your dreams. We offer a large selection of candy online, so it will be easy and fast for you to always have candy ready for the weekend. Here at SlikWorld you will also find candy for every taste, and you can therefore with great advantage explore the large selections. We offer both different brands of candy as well as a lot of different foreign candy. So, are you looking to find some American candy for Friday night? Maybe you're looking for some Japanese candy for a taste test? Then you've come to the right place!

We offer both sweet and sour sweets

Regardless of whether you prefer sweet or sour candy, you will find something to suit your taste. We offer both sweet foam, sour starfish, rich chocolate, salty liquorice and good old-fashioned English sweets. Here at SlikWorld you will find sweets for both adults and children, and we are guaranteed to also have something that will bring back your childhood memories. And what's better than a good weekend in the company of some of your best childhood sweets?

Delicious sugar-free sweets for diabetics

Are you a diabetic? Maybe you just want to watch your weight - or your health for that matter? Then you can still enjoy a good amount of candy - and without compromising your health, weight or conscience. Right here at SlikWorld you will find a large and equally exciting selection of sugar-free candy. Then you won' t ever again have to sit as the only one without candy week after week. It is also good manners for any host for an X-factor evening to have sugar-free candy ready if a diabetic comes to visit - then you are guaranteed to win this year's host!

Buy sweets online from all over the world!

Yes, it is true. At SlikWorld we offer a large selection of sweets from all over the world. You will find both Danish sweets, American sweets, English sweets and Japanese sweets. Among other things, discover the many different types of sweets from America, which are popular all over the world. You can choose from over 400 types of American candy, and you have therefore plenty of opportunity to explore your taste preferences or choose exactly what you know you like. Choose everything from Sour Patches to Jellybeans. We also get new candies all the time, as we think it should be easier to get hold of the American candies here in Denmark, which you otherwise only see in movies.

Huge selection of sweets at SlikWorld

Here at SlikWorld, we offer a large and exciting selection of sweets, and we therefore also guarantee that you will find something that suits your taste. So buy your candy here from us, and we'll make sure that you always find a good offer along the way. You have the opportunity to come home with some cheap candy for the weekend, but without emptying your wallet - and who doesn't want that? So go and discover our large selection of sweets online already today!

Ordering and delivery

SlikWorld has been based in Herning for a handful of years, where we have offered sweets from all over the world to the many candy-hungry Danes. Now, however, we have also chosen that it should be possible to buy our sweets online. Here at our online candy shop you will therefore find some of the best brands, some of the funniest sweets and even at cheap prices. For further questions, we can be contacted at 31 77 99 35 or – we look forward to hearing from you!